Educator Resources: Pollution

Adopt-a-Beach for Your Classroom

This service learning program lets you teach outdoors at your local Great Lakes shoreline. Students learn about the environment while they investigate beach health, remove litter, and enter their findings into an online database.


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Alliance for the Great Lakes

AQTreks (AirQuailty Treks)

In AQTreks, students use a Personal Air Monitor (PAM) to measure air pollutants along mobile “Treks” of their design. The PAM wirelessly connects to mobile phones and Treks are displayed in real-time on the AQTreks smartphone application. Each Trek is automatically uploaded via to the AQTreks website for online analysis, discussion, and comparison with other schools.


National Institute of Environmental Health Services

The WAV Packet: Make WAVes for Action!

The WAV Packet is a program resource that includes eight action-oriented activities. Activities promote environmental stewardship and a positive learning experience while benefiting a community’s water resources. Activities are appropriate for different age groups.

*Supports WAV Stream Monitoring Program


Water Action Volunteers