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Citizen Sort

Citizen Sort’s video games were designed in collaboration with biologists and naturalists. As you play, you’ll help classify plants, animals, and insects, and you’ll produce valuable scientific data to aid scientists in their work.


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Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, National Science Foundation

Snapshot in the Classroom

Snapshot Wisconsin is a great way to get students outdoors and learn about local wildlife! The project is a unique opportunity to integrate science and technology into your classroom. Educators can volunteer to host a trail camera with their students at a school forest or other property. Students can also help identify and count critters in photos captured across the state by logging on to the Zooniverse website.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, NASA, Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Adler Planetarium, Zooniverse, University of Wisconsin-Extension


ZooTeach is a website where teachers and educators can share high quality lesson plans and resources that complement the Zooniverse citizen science projects. Citizen science offers a unique opportunity for any person, of any age, of any background to get involved and make a contribution to cutting edge science. Here at Zooniverse headquarters we believe that getting students involved in citizen science offers educators a free, easily accessible and inspiring opportunity to bring real science into the classroom.


Galaxy Zoo