Educator Resources: Air Quality

AQTreks (AirQuailty Treks)

In AQTreks, students use a Personal Air Monitor (PAM) to measure air pollutants along mobile “Treks” of their design. The PAM wirelessly connects to mobile phones and Treks are displayed in real-time on the AQTreks smartphone application. Each Trek is automatically uploaded via to the AQTreks website for online analysis, discussion, and comparison with other schools.


National Institute of Environmental Health Services

Milkweed Monitoring Project

Using milkweed plants to detect ozone air pollution, classrooms provide plant injury data to DNR’s air management biomonitoring unit. Students learn about air pollution and its effects on plants and animals, how to set up study plots and collect plant samples, and how to press and preserve plant samples.


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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources