Superior Citizen Stream Monitoring Program

Posted: March 13, 2018

The Superior Citizen Stream Monitoring Program (SCSMP) is a City of Superior program, developed in collaboration with the WI DNR and WI Extension’s Water Action Volunteer program. The SCSMP program combines the first-hand knowledge and interest of citizens with the technical expertise of local water resource specialists. Individual citizens, families, environmental groups, students and other volunteer organizations who want to learn about and improve the quality of local streams are encouraged to participate! All volunteers will receive the equipment, expert training, and oversight necessary to successfully sample the stream. We ask that volunteers commit to sampling once a month for a minimum of one season (approximately April-Oct.). Program Goals: Familiarity with City of Superior Streams/Watersheds Understanding of water quality parameters and impact on aquatic ecosystems Awareness of how land use affects water quality, especially as related to stormwater runoff and non-point discharges Understanding of stormwater infrastructure and relationship to local streams and Lake Superior Increased engagement and participation on City of Superior activities Changes in property management to prevent stormwater pollution