Citizen Science Projects: Aquatic Ecosystems

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Sentry Program

The AIS Sentry Program educates and empowers community members to recognize and report aquatic invasive species throughout St. Louis County. The AIS Sentry Program helps prevent and limit the spread of AIS in waters throughout St. Louis County.


St. Louis River Alliance, St. Louis County’s Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program, Minnesota Sea Grant, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Bad River Watershed Monitoring Program

The overall objective of the BRWA Water Quality Monitoring Program is to establish at least a four-year baseline of water quality on the streams and rivers within our service area. The baseline data will be used to determine the overall health of watersheds and troubled spots will be investigated.


The Bad River Watershed Association

Mussel Monitoring Program of Wisconsin

Over half of Wisconsin’s 51 native mussel species (also known as clams) are listed as species of greatest conservation need or we need information on where they currently occur. Threats like habitat alteration (dams, siltation) and the presence of invasive mussels (zebra mussels) pose major threats to the existence of our native mussels. The Mussel Monitoring Program of Wisconsin would like your help in finding out what mussels occur in your area!


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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources